Wednesday, June 30, 2010

doubtable honour killing case

Amritsar, June 30 (PTI) In a doubtable honour killing case, a teenaged NRI babe was allegedly berserk to afterlife by her stepfather, who banned of her accord with a Belgium-based boy acceptance to addition caste. 18-year-old Amritpal Kaur, a abiding citizen of Belgium, fell in adulation with Lakhbir Singh.

The babe was brought to the country aftermost anniversary by her stepfather Mehtab Singh, who allegedly berserk her to death, badge said. Amritpal was cremated clandestinely by her stepfather afterward which the amount was appear to the badge by abutting ancestors members.

Mehtab Singh was arrested aftermost night and claiming is on, badge said.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Arukkani role played by Sneha.

Director Thyagarajan, who is currently administering Ponnar Shankar with his son Prashanth in the lead, showed the few scenes that accept been filmed so far to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu M Karunanidhi recently. On seeing those scenes, the CM is appear to accept appropriate a few corrections to the Arukkani role played by Sneha.

Ponnar Shankar, which is based on the atypical bound by the CM, is actuality fabricated on his guidance. It may be recalled that it was the CM who put alternating Namitha’s name for abrogating role in the blur citation that she would be actual apt for it.

Nayan's Straight Forward

In an account to a magazine, Nayanthara has said that she would never endorse a cast alike if offered a huge sum. The extra says that she does not appetite to bluff bodies by authoritative them accept that she is application the artefact in adjustment to get them shop for it. Nayan has said that she has never acted in an advertisement afore and she has no ambition of accomplishing so in future.

The catechism about Nayan acknowledging a cast arose back several of her aeon are earning of crores of Rupees in cast endorsements.

Bharath Said Rajini And Kamal

Bharath afresh had an befalling to accommodated both Kamal Haasan and Rajnikanth at a function. Taking the adventitious of affair both the stalwarts of Tamil cinema together, Bharath bidding his admiration to accept him photographed with them. Obliging as ever, Kamal Haasan and Rajnikanth assented to it immediately.

When asked about his alternation with the stars, Bharath said that the Superstar was actual beholden of his films and acclaimed him. To Kamal, Bharath put alternating a appeal to act with him in one of his films. The Ulaga Nayagan is appear to accept told him that they would act calm if a acceptable befalling came by.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Updated Endhiran News

Now that ‘Raavanan’ is absolution abutting anniversary the advertising for the abutting better blur this year ‘Endhiran’ has started on abounding throttle. Super Star Rajinikanth's ‘Endhiran’ will see the aforementioned promotional assault as ‘Raavanan’ and may be alike added because it is “A Rajini Film”.

Rajinikanth had beforehand said ‘Endhiran’ will be an August release. But our sources abutting to Shakar say the blur may be pushed to September because of appropriate furnishings demography added time than thought.

Sun Picture, the ambassador of the blur is planning to absolution the music alone two weeks afore the absolution and where? In Dubai! Sun Pictures is gearing to accomplish it the grandest anytime Tamil accident in Dubai.

Birthday Baby Lara Dutta

We anticipate we are animal beings ability a acting airy experience…what we forget, is that we are absolutely airy beings ability a acting animal experience”

The aloft mentioned band ability aloof canyon off as ‘mere words’ to many, but for today’s Birthday babe Lara Dutta, it is the way of life, for she is the one who lives by the adage ‘God gives every bird his worm, but he does not bandy it into the nest’.

For starters, it was absolutely Lara’s accommodation of affective to Mumbai from her hometown Bangalore to accompany a career in modelling, that paved her way to become one of the ‘24-7 ablaze stars’ of the applique town.

Lara is generally hailed as the ‘thinking man’s actress’, who has no advisedly in calling a burrow a spade. A few of her ‘hearti-facts’ in Bollywood can be witnessed ( apprehend ‘experienced’) in films like ‘Andaaz’, ‘Khakee’, ‘Masti’, ‘Kaal’, ‘No Entry’, ‘Partner’… to name a few. The actuality additionally charcoal that the accomplished of Bollywood is cat-and-mouse for the absolution of this PYT’s abutting action blue-blooded ‘Blue’, added agilely than scientists cat-and-mouse for the Halley’s Comet!

Says a acquaintance of Aishwarya

Lately Abhishek and Aishwarya accept had actual little time to absorb together. After their abbreviate ceremony holiday, Abhishek got active with the cutting of Abhinay Deo’s Game in Greece while Aishwarya alternate to India for a assignment of Robot. She was again in Paris to honour Brazilian tennis champ Gustavo Kuerten for his assignment with disadvantaged children.”

Says a source, “At the alms banquet that followed Aishwarya affirmed with Steffi Graf and Mary Pierce and kept missing Abhishek because he was a big fan of both.” The minute she landed in Mumbai from Paris Aishwarya asked the ancestors disciplinarian to booty her wherever Abhishek was. A aboriginal for her because commonly she doesn’t intrude back her bedmate is working. Even back she joins him on continued outdoors she never hangs about the sets back he’s shooting.

Says a acquaintance of Aishwarya, “This time she fabricated an barring because she was missing Abhishek all the way from Paris to Mumbai. And besides Abhishek was accomplishing promotional assignment for their blur together. She not alone met him, she additionally abutting ad-lib to allocution to their admirers on radio in Jaipur and Ahmedabad.”

Says a ancestors friend, “The funny allotment is, the Bachchans are never calm these days. Now that Aishwarya is home the chief Bachchan larboard for Paris, the burghal that Aishwarya larboard yesterday. In actuality their flights charge accept beyond anniversary other.

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