Sunday, June 13, 2010

Updated Endhiran News

Now that ‘Raavanan’ is absolution abutting anniversary the advertising for the abutting better blur this year ‘Endhiran’ has started on abounding throttle. Super Star Rajinikanth's ‘Endhiran’ will see the aforementioned promotional assault as ‘Raavanan’ and may be alike added because it is “A Rajini Film”.

Rajinikanth had beforehand said ‘Endhiran’ will be an August release. But our sources abutting to Shakar say the blur may be pushed to September because of appropriate furnishings demography added time than thought.

Sun Picture, the ambassador of the blur is planning to absolution the music alone two weeks afore the absolution and where? In Dubai! Sun Pictures is gearing to accomplish it the grandest anytime Tamil accident in Dubai.


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